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Everyone is welcome to attend the Parish Council meetings, and you are free to ask questions and make comments in an allotted public slot. The public slot is part of the agenda at each meeting and the chairman will clearly signal when that time is. Meetings are held alternately in Braithwaite Hall, Far Sawrey (LA22 0LQ) and the High Wray Village Hall (LA22 0JE), approximately every six weeks.  Meetings start at 7.30 pm unless specified otherwise.

Future Parish Council  meeting dates and venues:-

30th August 2022 - Braithwaite Hall

11th October 2022 - High Wray Village Hall

 29th November 2022 - Braithwaite Hall

Minutes of meetings and latest Agenda

You can download Parish Council meetings’ minutes and upcoming agenda by clicking on the links below they open a pdf in a new window.:


Minutes 19th July 2022 (draft)

Minutes 14th June 2022   Minutes 3rd May 2022 Minutes 15th March 2022 Minutes 1st February 2022 


Minutes 14 December 2021 Minutes 9 November 2021 Minutes 28th September 2021  Minutes 17th August 2021 Minutes 6th July 2021 Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 24th May 2021 Minutes Annual General Meeting 24th May 2021 Minutes 24th May 2021 Minutes 12th May 2021 Minutes 6th April 2021 Minutes 23rd February 2021 Minutes 12th January 2021 Minutes 5th January 2021


Minutes 24th November 2020 Minutes 13th October 2020  Minutes 8th September 2020  Minutes 17th August 2020  Minutes 28th July 2020  Minutes during period of delegated authority to 15th June 2020  Minutes 18th March 2020  Minutes 25th February 2020  Minutes 28th January 2020


Minutes 10th December 2019  Minutes 5th November 2019  Minutes addendum 1st October 2019  Minutes 1st October 2019  Minutes 13th August 2019  Minutes 24th June 2019  Minutes annual meeting 14th May 2019  Minutes annual parish meeting 14th May 2019  Minutes 30th April 2019  Minutes 12th March 2019  Minutes 29th January 2019


Minutes 11th December 2018  Minutes 8th November 2018  Minutes 30th October 2018  Minutes 18th September 2018  Minutes 31st July 2018  Minutes 10th July 2018  Minutes 26th June 2018  Minutes 29th May 2018    Minutes Annual Meeting 8th May 2018  Minutes 13th March 2018  Minutes  30th January 2018


Minutes 12th December 2017  Minutes 14th November 2017  Minutes 10th October 2017  Minutes 29th August 2017  Minutes 11 July 2017  Minutes 30th May 2017  Minute 25th April 2017  Minutes  14th March 2017  Minutes 31st January 2017


Minutes 16th December 2016  Minutes 4th October 2016  Minutes 15th August 2016  Minutes 19th July 2016  Annual Meeting Minutes 17th May 2016  Minutes 12th April 2016  Minutes 1st March 2016

Minutes are submitted for final approved at the next Parish Council meeting, other than AGM and Annual Parish Meeting Minutes which are submitted for approved at the next year's meeting.

Accounting Statements for 2021/22: click on the links below, they open a pdf in a new window.

Exercise of Public Rights

Certificate of Exemption

Internal Audit Report

Annual Governance Statement

Accounting Statements

Expenditures over £100

Accounting Statements for 2020/21: click on the links below, they open a pdf in a new window.

Exercise of Public Rights

Annual Governance and Accountability Return

Bank Reconciliation

Explanation of  Significant Variances

Expenditure over £100

Accounting Statements for 2019/20: click on the links below they open a pdf in a new window.

Exercise of Public Rights

AGAR Page 3 Certificate of Exemption

AGAR Page 4 Internal Audit Report

AGAR Page 5: Annual Governance Statement

AGAR Page 6: Accounting Statements 2019/20

Explanation of Variances

Bank reconciliation

Accounting Statements for 2018/19: click on the links below they open a pdf in a new window.

Exercise of Public Rights

AGAR page 3: Certificate of Exemption

AGAR page 4: Annual Internal Audit Report

AGAR page 5: Annual Governance Statement

AGAR page 6: Accounting Statements 2018/19

Analysis of variances

Bank reconciliation

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